How to Stop Leaders from Focusing on Cultural Fit

How to Stop Leaders from Focusing on Cultural Fit
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I can’t recall how many times in my career I have heard this feedback as leaders are assessing talent to join their organizations. Not a cultural fit. Couldn’t work here. Just wouldn’t fit in with the。别看到他们和其他人相处。

它’s an instinct. It’s a gut feeling. It’s a premonition. The leader has assessed so much talent in their career. They know who will succeed and who won’t succeed here. The leader knows best.

Do they?







Could I travel with this person post-pandemic and make small talk in the airline lounge?

Could I enjoy a glass of wine with this person?

How can I assess our chemistry over video?


Would I trust this person to watch my children? (As a friend pointed out, if they don't like children, does that make them a bad person?)

Ensure the focus is on evaluating talent on a skills fit and a values fit to avoid bias in evaluating individuals.




例如,如果你是hiringsomeone for a performance marketing role, you will want to ensure they have expertise in customer acquisition, email marketing, ecommerce merchandising, website analytics and optimization and more. You want to focus on their track record of success, find out what they have learned from their mistakes and get a good understanding of where their expertise lies.

问问自己什么技能是必备的,什么skills are a nice-to-have. No one individual will check all the boxes for all of the skills you are looking for. Remember that you are also looking for talent who will learn and grow with the organization.


3. Define your values, then evaluate for values fit


outlines thevalues它的生活在包括“勇气,挑战现状并找到新的方式来发展我们公司和彼此的新方法。”在星巴克询问候选人的关键问题是:告诉我一段时间,你必须带来勇气和信念,以挑战现状。

Another example of a company that outlines its values is。它cites as its values“我们所知道的10件事真实。”谷歌的10件事情之一知道是真的:快速比慢更好。提出候选人的关键问题是:你可以在一段时间内反映你将产品带到市场,以及如何从开始完成的过程可能比现在更快?

最后,专注于六个核心值。“We promote team member growth and“是对其成功至关重要的关键价值。它创造了赋权的环境,人们可以蓬勃发展并达到最高潜力。基于这一核心价值,提出候选人的关键问题是:告诉我您在这大流行中将您的团队能够在工作中成功和家中的方式。你是如何成为关注自己心理和身体健康的榜样?

When you are clear about what you stand for, and the values that make up your culture, it then becomes easier to evaluate talent fairly and consistently. Let’s stop focusing on cultural fit. Let’s start focusing on the skills and the experiences great talent will bring to our organizations.

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