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你在读者中居住在那里。让我们知道我们是的。我们没事。这是我们的业务。我们已经拥有了29年了这一点,我们不会在没有战斗的情况下放弃船。Carol和John的漫画书店是位于克利夫兰市内的29岁的砖和砂浆漫画书店。漫画店的颂歌是我的妈妈。这是一个家庭企业。我们是一家砂砾店。我们不做在线销售漫画书店不仅仅是出售漫画书籍。 They're community hubs. We're giving people a place to come where they feel accepted. No matter what. Once the coveted happened within a day's notice, we were shut down. This is what's left of the Carolyn John's comic book shop staff. Um once your revenue stream is cut off, it's a completely different equation that you've never looked at before salaries utilities rents. We were essentially bleeding money. What are we gonna do Next? How long is this gonna go on one of my top priorities was trying to keep my two full-time employee. They've been around 1020 years. I could trust those boys and beyond that I need them around. I need them. I need them here to to run this place. We want to find a way to connect with our customers, so we basically built a Facebook live studio in my house. My wife thought it was crazy. She's like what are you doing? I'm like I just have to do something. I don't know if this is the right thing to do. I don't know if it's a good idea. I couldn't just sit there and let the business go down. so we have to try something welcome to our first ever Facebook live sale. We had never used video to its full advantage before so we were not technically familiar with how to do it. What I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna pull these books down and uh tell you a little bit about each book and I'm going to. Drop the price on him at that point, the first person to say claim for it will get that book. It evolved over the course of the weeks that we would do them, but it turned out to be a really great idea. Ellison wrote it too, who's known for writing the story that Ron Berry based Star Trek on He's also uh he also met Mom at one point and they got along splendid. Doing it perfect did not matter at all. you just gotta get yourself in front of the camera. It might look classy, but there's a mattress up against the wall over here so we would do just one a week cuz we had to figure out a billing system and we were at a 95% sellout rate by about the third week of doing them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everybody. I saw so many members of our community in that feed interacting with each other and talking just like they were in my store. Hi Zach Uh there's a delay here. There's Matt. I mean it wasn't just about making money. it was about holding our community together. they needed that escape that they got from the comic shop. Each week and they would tune in they would tune in and they would purchase books and they would support the shop. We were able to keep our two employees for the entire time that we were shuttered. uh we'll be here during store hours, so please feel free to call with any suggestions and I have to believe that keeping my two employees around help the transition to reopening the store. Now that we're reopened, we use Facebook live every week to show all our new releases that hit our new comic book table right here is my pick of the week each week. I also do a state of the store address. Hey and welcome to the CJ Comics News desk for Wednesday, July 8. We finally started using Facebook live to its full advantage. It was holding our community together, but we found new people popping in out of nowhere and they became really good customers now. alright everybody. That's all I have for you. You're keeping your business open. Your family for yourself for your customers in no way. Am I the hero of this equation the staff or the heroes for continuing to work through this. The community are the heroes for supporting us during this. What can we take away from John's example, One video works live video on Facebook generate more audience engagement than still images Two be authentic. There's no need for a highly polished production. Your customers wanna see you three. If you give to your community, they will give back to you. John always prioritize building community and when he needed them the most they came through for him. Check out the links in the episode description For more detailed tips and tricks. See you next time.
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