How to Hire for Talent, Not Geography

It can be done successfully, but there are nuances to consider when rethinking your recruiting and hiring process.
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How to Hire for Talent, Not Geography
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Will companies’在家工作policies remain in place, even when COVID-19 ends? Back in March, only 38 percent of corporate decision-makers said yes. A few months later, that number rose to 67 percent. (Both surveys were done by 451 Research, a division of S&P Global Market Intelligence, which polled more than 500 people.) As companies increasingly adopt distributed services like cloud tools andSaaSplatforms, it’s easier to work anywhere — forever.

If the predictions hold true, many things about the way we work will change, starting with the way we build a team. We asked four business leaders how entrepreneurs can best approachhiringfor talent, not geography.

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1.Be truthful.

Just because our culture has accepted remote work doesn’t mean it’s the perfect setup for every job candidate — and that’s OK. “Whenever I interview someone, I explain that we’re a small but close team and they’ll never feel alone on an island,” says Kerry Benjamin, founder and CEO of堆叠式护肤品, whose team of 10 is partly in Los Angeles, partly scattered throughout the country. “But if you’re not comfortable with work-from-home, this won’t be the company for you.”

2.Update your processes.

The core skills you hire for may stay the same, but secondary skills may change. Alyssa Ravasio, founder and CEO of the campsite-booking platformHipcamp,很高兴看到内向的员工在数字化的第一世界里舒舒服服地做出贡献。但这取决于一流的书面沟通能力,所以现在,她给考生“家庭作业”来测试这种能力。“这一直都很重要,但现在很重要真正地“很重要。”


3.Prioritize company culture.

“You might see employees on Zoom, but there are no more happy hours or company softball teams,” says Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO ofLaSalle Network, a staffing andrecruitingfirm. “You have to work harder to create connection.” So Gimbel encourages his staff to schedule video chats with random colleagues a few times a week, “to talk to the folks you might not work with but would have seen at the watercooler.”

4.Throw out the office hours.

“We don’t have work-life separation anymore — it’s aboutintegration“公司临时执行董事本•斯图尔特(benstewart)表示Tulsa Remote, a program that provides $10,000 grants to get remote workers to relocate to Tulsa. “Motivations are all different: Some people want to be by aging parents, some people want a yard for their kids, others want to gain back those two hours of city commute time so they can work on their side hustle. Time is money for everyone. The companies that give people freedom are increasing happiness — and drive.”


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