The 3 Things That Will Rock Your Workplace in 2021, and How to Get Ready

What can you expect in your company's workplace for 2021? Here's what we see coming down the pike and how to prepare now.
The 3 Things That Will Rock Your Workplace in 2021, and How to Get Ready
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Obviously, 2020 broke all the rules when it came to the world of work and workplace issues. But what’s on the horizon for2021, and how can managers and leaders be prepared?

有一件事是肯定的:今年它不会像往常一样重返工作岗位,即使我们得到广泛的可用in the U.S. Those who are expecting a smooth transition from chaos and turmoil into calmer (more predictable) waters might be in for a rude awakening, as it’s likely to be a bit of a bumpy re-entry into “normal life” — or a complete reinvention of what normal looks like at all.

这是因为至少有三个主要因素将继续破坏和挑战in 2021 — and that effective managers need to prepare for.


在过去的九个月里,世界上以前填补办公室和堵塞的火车和高速公路的世界上的大部分地区都在他们的笔记本电脑前挖掘,通过放大和电子邮件举行堡垒。虽然许多人渴望摆脱他们的汗水和房子出来,但一旦疫苗接种使其安全地,就有超过一些人可能会扩展工作 - 从家庭安排或至少转移到混合模型。经理将被任务,比以往任何时候都更广泛地分散的劳动力。

事实上,疫苗可能会导致更多混乱,因为公司努力实施混合动力工作模型以及在冒险冒险的工人之间实施安全协议。经理需要确定接受疫苗的员工是否应允许在办公室恢复较少的限制。或者也许更重要,现在怎么样?42%的美国人who say they will not get the vaccine? Should they stay at home? The Emtrain Workplace Culture Report 2020 found that an unhealthy In Group/Out Group dynamic is one of the biggest indicators of poor workplace culture. The polarization surrounding the vaccine could create an entirely new set of in group/out group dynamics at companies.


Pendulum swing from cronyism and corruption to increased business regulation and compliance

在特朗普政府下,我们已经看到了四年没有商业规范 - 以及一些人会呼吁甚至坐在美国参议员甚至坐在哪里宣称前所未有的腐败水平are investigated for insider trading。With the shift in power at the top, it’s likely we’ll see a major swing back in the other direction as a reaction to perceived imbalances in wealth and power. It’s more than likely we’ll see the modern-day equivalent of the muckrakers come in: busting up monopolies, regulating businesses and increasing scrutiny on ethics and compliance. Some of this has already begun. In June 2020 the U.S. Department of Justice更新了其指导关于如何在投诉中评估公司的公司合规计划。

Part of the guidance asks, “Has the company evaluated the extent to which the training has an impact on employee behavior or operations?” So now, companies are expected to figure out whether the training has had an impact: actual improvement. Regulations on things like ethics and compliance are going to go beyond just making sure you check a box to show you’ve impacted behavior. Businesses are going to have to show real change.




Given the amount of disparity, the visibility of these problems and the collective public anger, I believe that in 2021 we’ll see an increased focus on social justice, equity and inclusion in business that addresses racial and gender equity and provides protections and rights for front line workers. An increased public consciousness about these issues, coupled with employees’ use of,将导致企业必须适应的授权劳动力。看起来不比在谷歌的射击中愤怒其中一名员工是科技公司对黑人工人的治疗。企业将意识到他们无法再摆脱“麻烦制造者”,因为只有一个推文,那些麻烦制造商可以让公司难堪,使头条新闻和伤害底线。



  • Establish and reinforce clear, open and regular communication with your employees on the status of the workplace, expectations and policies regarding vaccinations and remote work, and stay flexible in the transition process.

  • 理解并准备这一事实,即围绕Covid,或社会正义问题要求您找到不同的方式来沟通和达到工作场所的不同观众,并建立共同点。

  • 从反应性培养过渡主动方法的战略,优化解决问题的问题,并思考诉讼防守秒。

  • 映射出来workplace social indicators of respect and inclusionand measure and increase those indicators in your workforce as you drive behavior and culture change.

的变化量2020强加给所有人us was dramatic to say the least. I believe the chaos will continue, but in different ways. Not all change is bad. A renewed focus in the workplace on social justice and measurable change is positive. More accountability for corporate leaders to their employees and the ideals those employees hold dear is progress. It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary. And business leaders who take time to plan and prepare for the massive change should be better equipped to handle it.

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