The CEOs of YouTube, Slack and Whole Foods All Have Liberal Arts Degrees. Here's Why That Matters

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The CEOs of YouTube, Slack and Whole Foods All Have Liberal Arts Degrees. Here's Why That Matters
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Whole Foods, whose 500 stores employ over 91,000 people, made waves in 2017 when Amazon acquired the company for $13.7 billion. Workplace messaging powerhouse松弛was acquired by Salesforce recently for a whopping $27.7 billion. AndYouTube., the third most-popular website on the internet, has over 5 billion videos on its platform watched every single day.

What do these成功案例都是共同的?其首席执行官— leaders at the forefront of their industries — have degrees in the.

YouTube首席执行官’s original plan after studying history and literature at Harvard was to pursue a PhD and go into academia. A piqued interest in technology one summer led her to add a computer science elective in her senior year.

1998年,她租了她的车库,给了两个名字的家伙和Sergey Brin,在那个时间内建造了将成为的搜索引擎. Wojcicki later became Google employee no. 16, eventually persuaded the founders to acquire YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion — an acquisition lauded as one of the best buys of the 21st century — and eight years later was tapped for the CEO role.



  • 前雅进首席执行官Andrea Jung来自普林斯顿的英语学位;

  • Chipotle创始人和前首席执行官Steve Ells在科罗拉多大学学习艺术史;

  • 前任的CEOwas a history major before becoming the third African American CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

This topic of career reinvention is a personal one for me. What I do now as a content marketing consultant couldn’t be further from what I studied in school; with not one but two degrees in classical French Horn, I was an aspiring orchestra musician with big dreams — and very little business acumen at first.

多年来,我低头看着我的学校经历作为浪费金钱和机会。但随着时间的推移,我来认识到我磨练的技能 - 创造性的思维,韧性和在压力下表现 - 已成为我最大的创业武器。beplay体育提款

如果你是思想家或表演者,might be a perfect fit for you. Here are three ways to leverage your liberal or fine arts background and get a running start.


Product development requires rigorous testing and a willingness to work through your logic all the way down to the bone. If you ever studied classics, you know that the trivium — grammar, logic and rhetoric — was taught first to pupils of the past because its fluency ensured the comprehension of all other studies.

Slack Ceo Stewart Butterfield认为他的热情通过争论哲学学历。根据串行企业家,beplay体育提款studyingthe great thinkers taught him to write well and showed him how to effectively run and lead meetings.

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Additionally,researchfrom the Andrew W. Mellon foundation debunked the notion that studying the arts or humanities is a career death wish. Although a liberal arts degree might not have you earning the same amount as engineers in your twenties, graduates achieve economic mobility more often than mainstream advice would have you believe.

What you will have in your twenties is a propensity for good ideas. Your value proposition is like a term paper or thesis, except that it’s more fun because it will potentially make you money.很多钱。Be relentless with revisions and frequently test your value proposition in the market.

Scan for emerging opportunities


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Channel creativity for a competitive advantage

Sally Hogshead,作者New York Times畅销书Fascinate: How To Make Your Brand Impossible To Resist,points outthat “different is better than better.” Being the best usually requires extensive research, many product iterations over many years and huge expenses.


  • Capture ideas in the moment.建立一种方式来快速抽出闪电的闪电,全天进入你的头部。语音备忘录或在手机上拍摄应用程序的笔记中的单独页面是很棒的选择。

  • Practice finding an uninterrupted flow state.我仍然被2016年关于工人行为的研究困扰found员工每40秒平均分散一次。要开发你的聚焦肌肉,让您的环境更有利于集中。

  • Read news outside your industry.Knowing your beat is important, but observing other industries can give you insights you won’t find within your own echo chamber.



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